Coutade 11 Species

We are putting together Birding/Wildlife trips into Coutada 11 in the Zambezi Delta in Central Mozambique in the November/December period and are also looking at taking a couple of groups into Coutada 11 in late May when it is cooler and when there is a selection of late breeding birds that are still in breeding plumage at that time.

We have recently returned from a very successful trip into the Coutada’s where we got Zambezi Indigo bird, Black Eared Seedeater, Black Winged Bishop, Long Tailed and Broadtailed, Paradise Whydah all in breeding plumage and also Lesser Seedcracker and a good selection of the non-migratory species from the area.

Coutada 11 Reserve Species Listings

From a birding perspective and for a first-time birder to the area the list of potential species is quite overwhelming and many of the species are to be found nowhere else in Southern Africa.  Some of the specials are:

  • The African Pitta
  • White Chested Alethe
  • East Coast Akalat
  • Barred Longtailed Cuckoo
  • Chestnut Fronted Helmet Shrike
  • Silvery Cheeked Hornbill
  • Black and White Flycatcher
  • Black Headed Apalis
  • Tiny Greenbul
  • Green Backed Woodpecker
  • Speckled Throated Woodpecker
  • Livingstone’s Flycatcher
  • Southern Banded Snake Eagle and
  • Red Throated Twinspot. 

If one refers to sites 272 and 273 in Southern African Birdfinder the list is more extensive.

In addition to the birding the game viewing is quite exceptional with some four thousand Sable Antelope in the concession and where herds in excess of fifty animals are common. Other species which are in abundance are:

  • Buffalo
  • Waterbuck
  • Lichtenstein’s Hartebeest
  • Reedbuck (the most recent count in excess of ten thousand)
  • Eland
  • Zebra
  • Nyala
  • Red Duiker
  • Blue Duiker and Suni.

Twenty-four lions have just been reintroduced and are being monitored by scientists to keep track of their adaption to the area.

General Listings